Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dil, Dosti, etc.

Our relationship with family, friends, relatives and people at large has undergone a major change in the context of our new life. This change was one of the striking experience during our vacation and after. Most people don’t seem to be able to relate us and vice versa. College friends, who once were a part of my being, everyday, were in touch every now and then, while I was in the city, aren’t interested in meeting me now and I don’t feel any pinch. Office colleagues are almost total strangers; I didn’t feel like and therefore did not visit my office, though I stayed there for over a month, not even spoke to anyone on phone! Relatives seem to be getting acquainted afresh, not excited, but inquisitive, curious. No one is rude, no one seems to be avoiding me, but just seems a little guarded and I’ve become quite indifferent. A large vacuum has thus been created and sometimes I feel very lonely. Immediate family, parents, siblings have filled part of the vacuum by being more interactive than in the past. However, their concern for our safety, our children’s future, our future brings in a lot of fear in the interactions. We’re probably searching for an audience for the excitement and happiness in our new life. It’s a strange feeling. I can’t complain. I’m not sad, but there’s still something amiss in my relationships. 

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