Saturday, 27 February 2016

Why Create A Community?

Numerous communities have been created for those who intend to live in harmony with nature, without exploitation, with love and affection for all, with a sense of oneness and empathy. The saintly souls attempt to live a life that manifests their ideals and ideologies.

In other words, or from another perspective, what they're attempting is to create a gate to keep all those out who don't have the same intent. The love, affection and empathy is for those inside. The oneness excludes those on the other side of the gate.

They come together. Their world becomes a smaller place. Soon they notice that all in this world aren't really alike. They create another community within the community.

It's not just them. We all do this. It's natural. It's the nature of the mind. But this nature of the mind isn't aligned to the phenomenon of oneness, we know is true.

So, if I must experience oneness, I must keep away from creating a community. If I must love I must open the gate. Instead of fortifying ideologies, I must drop them. My beliefs, my likes & dislikes, my ideals and my opinions separate me from others. If I must experience oneness, this separated ness must give way.

Sounds like a daunting task! But what else is there?