Monday, 25 July 2016

To Be In Bliss...Be Ignorant?

I spent a day with a childhood friend and his family. We discussed how life has been over the recent years

He mentioned that after hitting 40 or around then, life has been steady and calm. Cruising along, no stress. Vipassana helped a lot, his wife added. I enquired further how Vipassana affects diet, habits, etc. Very interestingly, I understood that it prescribes nothing other than practicing the meditation regularly. The meditation makes one more sensitive and consequently alterations to diet and mental frame get affected.

Further interestingly, they explained how they were mentally calm and stress-free. They don't think much about past or future. Think what to cook when in kitchen, not before. Official work is left behind in office. Thinking too much is the cause of much stress, they explained.

Don't think about what is wrong with the world and its ways. Staying calm is the key. This is what they concluded.

I was stumped. The system sucks life out of people in many ways. Many from our class belong to the side benefitting, but consequently causing exploitation - not directly, but incidentally. So long as we are on this side, we can be calm. We can afford to ignore the impact of our mere existence, an impact largely avoidable. We can afford to excuse ourselves of thinking so that our lives are peaceful. After all, thinking isn't going to make any difference and my peace of mind is of paramount importance!

I'm still feeling like a fool. I can just learn the technique and be in bliss. But I notice that I'm further away from deciding to join the course.

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