Sunday, 24 July 2016

Venture Idea

Exposure - it is a critical means of learning.
Experience - it is perhaps the most effective learning methodology.
Experimenting - it is how one can gain experience.

You're fortunate if you're in a position to decide on a particular experiment in order to gain experience, to expose yourself to circumstances, which offer learning.

Saarathi finds its meaning in facilitating an experiment, helping you get an exposure, being a part of your learning.

Experimenting may not always be romantic or pleasurable. In fact challenging and adventurous experiments are fun and full of learning. Of course, you should be able to assess the risks and take on only those which seem sensible.

So, what experiments we're talking about? Let's say, living a different lifestyle, in a new setting. For example an urban elite living on a farm without a maid, cook and on a negligible budget. Or a farmer's son traveling in Mumbai local trains. Or a Keralite, who has haver seen temperatures below 25 degrees living in the mountains of Laddakh. For a few days of course, not a major life changing turn! Or assisting a vet, a mason, a script writer or any professional, whose craft has been interesting. Parenting is a world of experimenting opportunities. How does your child react to staying on a mountain or beach without any friends, TV and school? You can only imagine, but never know unless you try.

Experiences add to the perspectives. Such experiments can't happen by living in hotels and conditioned ambience. They must be for a reasonable duration, not a typical sightseeing vacation.

Such experiences need not be expensive. In fact the guest and the host can be mutually add value such that money is not exchanged.

We'll offer you some options. You tell us any others and we'll figure out if we can find a match.

How does it work?
We invite you to sign up, you do so if you find value in being an experimenter. You automatically also become a potential host. We spend time to understand your experimenting needs and intensity in greater detail. We offer options out of those available or go find one for you

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