Friday, 16 September 2016

Righteousness & Safety

How does the lone boy playing on the abandoned railway tracks save himself? Those other boys, playing on the used tracks aren't right. But in case of an emergency, the train driver is likely to run down the lone boy in order to save the other boys. It seems right to sacrifice one to save many.

It is fatal to stick to righteousness if everyone else is on the other track. Is there a way to stick on without compromising on safety?

It's a dilemma. The one unable to overlook righteousness can't have fun on the wrong track. But whatever he does or says, no one among the others comes to play with him. Everyone is scared of the the train running over or missing out on fun.

So, what does the lone boy do? Have fun till he's run over rather than be scared till being run over!


  1. Wow!
    The loner boy is also a lover boy.
    And when he knows he is a lover, all are beloved. And that there is no other real game except to invite the boys playing the blind man's game to open their eyes. Right now!

  2. The loner boy is also the lover boy...Hmm. That is how you and I glorify and admire him... But while we are still unable to go with him, can we avert him being run down by the train?