Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Regulations of Love

I was introduced to the regulations in the initial years - very subtly. It details whom to love, whom more, whom less, how to express, etc. It spoke of different kinds of love - brotherly, husbandly, fatherly, for motherland, for money, etc.

When I complied and felt honest, when I didn't, guilty.

It took me years to know of civilisation. These are attempts to rein in nature, to bring in an order. But how is love in natural form?

It is within me - powerful, but not forceful. I just need to be conscious of it. It isn't for one and not for the other. It just is. Simple, unrelated to reciprocation, bonding, expectations and measurements.

Anything otherwise would have another name. But love is misused in its place.

I must experience it deeply enough. Not do anything, just experience its existence. Let the regulations not distract me. Let my expectations, my need to possess, my tendency to measure not adulterate it.

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  1. Damn, I must admit your writing is becoming quite incomprehensible for me. Too mysterious ! But what difference does it make even if I understood what you say !?