Friday, 7 October 2016

The (Ir)Relevance of Intellectualism

Is all the intellectualism around governance methods, economic models, morality, social justice and education worth any effort? 

Can't we notice that constitutions, laws and codes have never managed to reign the corruption within?

We may want to believe that gift culture or bitcoin will avert collapse of the economy, that permaculture will reverse the destruction of agriculture, that alternate education will change human behaviour. But inside of the inside, we know the none of this will happen. We know that it is fear, which is making us believe!

Dear Intellectual,
Intellect is a tool of the divine, not a servant of your ego. Be mindful of the urge to misuse it.

Writing codes of civilisation is futile. When people have been cleansed from within, it will get reflected in their behaviour and intent. Stop wiping the mirror; the spot is on the face! Let's get that straight.

Can your intellect be useful in cleansing the inner selves? Cleanliness is, indeed, Godliness!


  1. Yes ending of fear is fundamental which brings a fragrance in actions and living - -!: yet the work to be done in duality is also important. It is seen finally that the distinction between non dual awareness and duality is also false.

  2. Likh gaye Ghalib Deewar pe...Yaha Likhna Mana hai..