Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Generation Next...

Why do I feel irked with the 24 year old upper class, affluent ladies traveling alongside? Why do I find myself smirking at their conversations I overheard about how dirty the station is, or their disbelief at how someone can travel for 2000 km in sleeper class?

I have reasons. They've hardly matured into being ladies, They're still girls. I'm irked at their upbringing, at their sense of entitlement at their loathsome judgements.

Hmm. Is the problem out there, or is it inside of me? Them being the way they are is just an effect of certain causes. Where is my annoyance targeted and why? If I so wish for a different effect, I ought to alter the cause.

One would let it pass. "To each his own. You can't help."

But, what if I try? What if I try to alter the cause in order to alter the effect? If they're exposed to a perspective of the truth, which is new to them, it might help?

So, I tried. I understood, that it isn't the exposure that is the bottleneck. It is either the ability, the willingness or the need to get exposed.

The spark to learn or the awareness of what one is exposed to is present in some, absent in most.

अपनी अपनी फिकरों में जो भी है वो उलझा है। जिंदगी हकीकत मे क्या है कौन समझा है।