Wednesday, 13 November 2019

IIFM Internship


Importance of involving one's children in work

Slow, small doses of communication

IIFM is in a very important place in terms of its role. If FL is a possible solution, PFL can work at individual level while IIFM works to create a support infrastructure

Friday, 8 November 2019

Saksham Activity Tracker

Broad Process
1. Research, Analysis & Documentation:
Market Coverage of existing players, Current business processes with timeline and cost mapping, Gaps in market (positioning, geography, products), Fintech Partnership Prospects, Target Market Definition, Strategy, Financial Budgeting, Investor Identification/Commitments, Policy Documents & Manuals

2. Getting Started :
Co Registration, Licence Application, Investments, Hiring, Physical Infrastructure, Tech Infrastructure,

Monday, 4 November 2019

Saksham Vision, Mission, Values

Saksham envisions itself as a financial services brand committed to
1. Customer Service in the progress towards an ever improving and sustainable lifestyle
2. Product Design using relevant technology, thus optimising cost, reducing time to market and improving customer experience
3. High standards of governance, risk management and interests of all stakeholders
4. Pride amongst employees, vendors, investors, and business partners towards their work.

Saksham shall constantly endeavor to build and strengthen a brand through unwavering commitment to customer service, operational excellence, wide and deep market coverage and being uncompromising towards high standards of governance and risk management.

Building and maintaining an energised organisation is imperative to the accomplishment of the mission.

1. Respect & Dignity
Saksham shall maintain respect and dignity in all its interactions and refrain from referring to its customers, employees with discriminative identities like poor, marginalised, under-privileged, disabled, weak or the like.

2. Organisation above self: Rethinking whether this indicates a expectation from employees to compromise on personal interests

3. Prudence
Decision making shall be guided by a sense of prudence and balance, thereby serving interests of all stakeholders

4. Agility & Openness
In the ever-changing technological landscape, Saksham shall endeavor to be agile and open to challenging status quo in favour of optimising costs, improving customer experience and reducing time to market.

5. Excellence
A culture of excellence shall be a critical requisite in all functions.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

I, We, Us and Them

I said to him, "Each of us is different. That's is how all of us are the same."

He disagreed. He said, "Some of us are the same. Others are different."

Both of us agreed to disagree.

But those who agreed with him got many more to agree. Together, they felt scared of the others. Or maybe they felt the need to define us and them.

They got together and asked me to join them. I didn't see the point. They didn't see how I couldn't see the point.

They said to me, "If you aren't with us, you're with them."

There were others like me, who didn't join them. Thus came into being another us and another them.

We felt the need to do something, lest all get killed in the battle between them and them.

So we got together and created a space, where there existed only I and us. No one could be referred to as them. All of them and them could come in, provided they became us.